braveandwilds asked:

How come you guys aren't posting psds anymore? :(

I really don’t have time anymore, I’m too busy with school D: I’m really sorry about that and hopefully we’ll be able to post more in the summer!

Anonymous asked:

can you make a psd for the golden globes??


Anonymous asked:

you have the link for dowland photoshop?

You should check yeahps or pscs5 for download links :)

editsbby asked:

How did you add the "Some things to keep in mind" at the bottom of the ask bar? i meant below

Try this tutorial:
Except put the text below instead of above.

mixsoucers asked:

can you check out my blog?! :))

Of course!!

Anonymous asked:

could you guys please make some more color isolation psds? i've used the ones you've already posted and they're so perfect! i think it'd be great if you could make more for other colors :3

Sure, what colors do you want? :)

blovedstar asked:

hey, i didn't came here to ask anything, just to compliment the blog and who makes it. Long time ago i downloaded some psds of you but i didn't gave like in the posts (sorry)but i paid a very high price for not knowing where did i found the bests psds i've ever seen. I always tried to get in the tumblr but i never could do it for unknown reasons. So i just came to thank you for making the bests psds of tumblr (at least for me) and sorry because my english sucks.

Aw thank you!!!! It’s okay you didn’t like the post before, at least you found our blog now :)

paradiseswiftie asked:

Please follow me! I loved your tumblr so much <3

We can’t follow anyone because this is a sideblog, but thank you!

faceyourdemons asked:

hey girls, i just wanted to thank you for your work!! i've downloaded thousands of psds, but yours are simply the best and i always use them cause they're so beautifully done.. so thank you all again!

That means so much to us!! Thank you, we really really appreciate it :’)

Anonymous asked:

Hello, can you please, if possible, post a link to a safe download for topaz clean?

Try searching for topaz downloads, that’s where I got mine :)